Thursday, October 17, 2013

Susan Kathryn Hefti's new play THE POWER PLAY, or Smart Bombs & Other Sexy Toys

Nanci Zoppi and Anthony D'Juan rehearsing THE POWER PLAY, or Smart Bombs & Other Sexy Toys by Susan Kathryn Hefti for Capital Stage's PLAYWRIGHTS' REVOLUTION 2013. 

Susan Kathryn Hefti is busy working on her new play THE POWER PLAY, or Smart Bombs & Other Sexy Toys.  

A coming of age story about four hopeful graduate students, THE POWER PLAY - which received its first public reading at Capital Stage Company's PLAYWRIGHTS REVOLUTION 2013 - explores the nature of power, seduction and betrayal in the context of U.S. military policies: Threading the personal through the eye of a pointedly political needle, the play wrestles with moral questions evoked by the increased reliance on unmanned drone strikes, the targeted assassination of the American-born cleric Anwar al-Awlaki and the 2009 troop surge into Afghanistan.

To learn more about Susan's plays or to support her work, please visit her profile pages @ Fractured Atlas & Dramatists Guild.