Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Reg Douglas Directs Workshop of Susan Kathryn Hefti's THE POWER PLAY @ New York Theatre Workshop

NYTW 2050 Directing Fellow, Reg Douglas, directed the premiere NY reading of Susan Kathryn Hefti's new play THE POWER PLAY, or Smart Bombs & Other Sexy Toys at New York Theatre Workshop on February 20, 2014! 

Under Reg's insightful direction, the wildly talented cast - Dawn Cantwell (PONG); Rachel Napoleon (EDIE); Matt MacNelly (ABE) & Hubert Point-Du Jour (SAM) - brought to vivid life THE POWER PLAY characters before a packed house @ NYTW!

A BIG thanks to the cast; to our intrepid stage manager, Geoff Boronda, and to our resourceful Assistant Director TJ Weaver for all their hard work, endless talent and boundless energy!

And, as this was the very first time in the play's development process that an audience was invited into "the room," a huge thanks to everybody who came out to see/hear this exciting new play and helped to make the evening a dazzling success! 


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